SAM Silicone Paint Set - Biracial Color Set

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This is a set of 12 bottles of Silicone Art Materials (SAM) liquid silicone color concentrates, in a collection of the perfect shades to create beautiful biracial ethnic skin tones! SAM pigments are used to create and mix colors for painting silicone. Each bottle is 1/4 ounce and is intended to be blended with a silicone paint base.

These pigments are absolutely FANTASTIC! I have been using these pigments to paint my silicone babies for years. They are used similarly to SilcPigs, but there are many more colors available, and since they come as liquids they are much easier to mix and blend. 

These colors can be used for painting with Psycho Paint, Dragon Skin, EcoFlex, etc OR for pigmenting silicone for casting. SAM pigments are silicone safe, high performance, non toxic, permanent and light fast. 

I recommend mixing these pigments into Psycho Paint, which can be purchased from Smooth-On at this link.

This set includes the following colors:

-Buff Oxid -Pale Pink -Yellow Oxide
-Raw Sienna -Crimson Oxide -Burnt Sienna
-Burnt Umber -Raw Umber -Espresso
-Magenta -Hot Red -Cyan