Silicone Doll Molding and Casting Services

If you are a baby doll sculptor looking to reproduce your sculpture, Maria Lynn Dolls would love to partner with you to bring your work to life in silicone! We have been working at and perfecting our silicone casting methods for more than 7 years and are confident in our quality. We can cast your original creation in silicone and help you share it with the world!


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Advantages of casting with Maria Lynn Dolls

1. Superior quality

We will provide flawless reproductions of your work in platinum silicone. Each kit is poured in one piece and is completely seamless and is carefully inspected for flaws before shipping.

2. Repeatability

A resin master copy of your sculpt ensures that your doll can be reproduced indefinitely.

3. We can handle any doll, no matter how complicated

Big or small, curled up or spread wide, we've done it! We have worked with dolls posed in complicated positions that many other casters would shy away from. 


4. Sales and Marketing

Our work is regularly shared with our 16 thousand Facebook followers and 1.3 million Youtube subscribers!

5. Options, options, options!

Most any doll poured through MLD can be made in a variety of skin tones, with drink & wet systems, boy or girl, etc.

6. Fair pricing

Of course we want to get paid, but we want you to get paid too! We promise each artist an excellent return on each kit sold.



What is the molding process?

Once we receive a new baby to mold, we first inspect the sculpture and correct any damages from shipping. We also ensure that the sculpture is sanded very smooth, as silicone molds are VERY good at catching every little detail, for better or worse! Once the doll is ready, we mount the doll and prepare a glove mold, carefully layering silicone over the surface of the doll. As we do this, we regularly check for any bubbles or cavities that would prevent an accurate capture of the dolls details. This process takes approximately 2-3 weeks.

Once this is completed, we create what is called a "mother mold". The mother mold is a hard exo-skeleton that enables the mold to hold its shape once the liquid weight of the silicone is poured in. This also allows us to make a stand for the doll so it can remain upright while degassing. This part of the process takes 1-7 days, depending on the size and complexity of the doll.

Finally, the mother mold is removed, and the mold is opened along the spine of the doll. The original sculpture is removed (this unfortunately tends to destroy the original sculpt) and the mold is carefully cleaned of any dust or shards of clay. This done, the mold is ready for use!

Our first task with a completed mold is to make a resin master copy. The resin we use creates an extremely durable and long lasting copy of the original sculpture. If subsequent molds are desired, they can be produced indefinitely using the resin master. Each mold can be expected to produce approximately 20 dolls (depending on size and position of the doll) before a new mold must be created for a flat remolding fee. If for some reason the mold needs replacing after fewer than 10 castings, we will remold it at no charge. 

Benefits of a Glove Mold vs a Clam Shell Mold

Some in the silicone doll casting world choose to employ what is called a clam shell mold, rather than a glove mold as we do. This is because clam shell molds are generally easier to use, as they come fully apart, front and back, rather than only having a cut along the spine. The dolls come more easily out of the mold and the mold can be reused more times before it reaches the end of its life. However, this leaves a seam line all along the outside edge of the baby, which is very difficult to disguise. Our glove mold method leaves just one seam along the back of the doll, which we then carefully correct before the casting is complete.

We Expect every Doll to be Perfect

Quality is our very first goal at Maria Lynn Dolls, and we strive for it with every single baby that we cast. We take the time to carefully inspect every aspect of each doll to ensure it is perfect before shipping out. When you have your doll cast through Maria Lynn Dolls, you can expect that every customer who holds one of your babies will be nothing but pleased!