About us

What started as a painting table tucked into a corner of a little apartment has grown into a thriving business! Maria Lynn Dolls is one of the largest makers and distributors of silicone dolls and doll kits in the world! We ship out hundreds of kits and dozens of finished babies every year all around the world.


Meet our Team


Maria Lynn Dolls was founded by Maria L Grover back in 2009. Maria was initially exposed to doll making from a very young age, as her mother both made and collected porcelain dolls. She first became interested in the world of reborn dolls in 2008 when looking on eBay for Christmas presents. She recalls having decided on a whim to sort the dolls by the highest price, just to see what the most expensive items might be, and, there they werereborn dolls! Vinyl was the most common medium of the time and as she browsed through those dolls, she had the thought, "I think I could do that", and so she did. That's what makes Maria special!

She began her career with vinyl dolls, selling them on eBay and also with private custom orders. She worked for years, built up her skills, and made HUNDREDS of babies! As silicone became more and more popular, she again thought to herself, "I think I could do that", and she did! Maria has been casting and painting silicone dolls now since 2015. She has grown her artistic abilities through years of practice, picking up new skills both through classes and trial and error, developing her own methods along the way, and has become one of the top silicone doll artists in the industry.



As you might imagine, Maria's husband Tim did not grow up planning to be a doll maker. However, as Maria's talent and the demand for her work grew, he stepped in and began building his skill in the craft as well. Tim is our resident doll molder and caster and has come to really love the work. He happily reports that, "this is the best job I've ever had! I get to spend my days using my hands to create something really unique and special. Plus, I don't have to wear a tie, or even socks!". Tim and Maria have been happily married since 2004 and are the proud parents of 6 children.




Christa joined the Maria Lynn Dolls team in October of 2021 and assists in seaming and molding. She shares, "My love for crafts began at a young age. I've always enjoyed using my imagination to create gifts for others or plan parties". She is happy to be able to add her talents at Maria Lynn Dolls!

"Here at Maria Lynn Dolls we are able to work together as a team to bring to life these gorgeous babies. We give every doll great attention to detail."

"It is very rewarding for me to be able to use my love for crafting as a career"