Cuddle Baby Taylor - By Bonnie Sieben

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  • 20-22 inches / 50-56cm in length depending on body used (approx 21 inches using the Reggie body we offer)
  • 3lbs 4oz / 1474g in weight (head and hands)
  • takes 20mm eyes 

Baby Taylor, sculpted by Bonnie Sieben, is a 20 inch cuddle silicone baby with an innocent awake face and optional hands. Taylor's chubby little cheeks are very squishable, as he/she is cast in EcoFlex 20 silicone. Taylor's mouth comes opened with a tongue inside.

Eye sockets come opened and ready for eyes (not included). 20mm eyes are recommended.

Optionally, Taylor's matching hands can be purchased as well. We can include a top-quality, highly posable body for an additional fee, but should you wish to purchase your own cloth body, he/she is best suited for a newborn body (19-21 inches). The body we offer comes pre-stuffed and weighted, from Reggies Dolls. 

Note that this item is a blank, unpainted kit, which is intended to be painted and have the hair rooted in. Pictures above showing finished dolls are shown as examples of the finished baby only.

Please be aware also that our babies are made "pour on demand" which means that we begin the process of creating the doll once the order your order is completed. The process takes about 2-3 weeks, and it will take about that long before your order is shipped.

Examples of Completed Taylor Babies