Kit Collaborations

In addition to pouring our own kits, Maria Lynn Dolls collaborates with other artists in bringing their work to silicone as well. These kits are molded and poured by Maria Lynn Dolls, but available for purchase elsewhere.



 Kaillie/Kellan by Maissa Said

Kallie, by Maissa Said, is a perfect and beautiful newborn baby! She is 19.5" and weighs 7 lbs. 8 oz. Kallie includes a unique umbilical stump feature that comes set with a magnet for easy removal and replacement, depending on your preference. Kallie will be available as a boy (Kellan) as well.

 Annelene/Andrew by Maissa Said

Beautiful baby Annelene (or Andrew as a boy baby) has been our most popular poured kit of all time! Her beautiful, soft face has appealed to so many and continues to be a top seller. Annelene is available as a boy or a girl and with eyes opened or closed. 

Annelene can be purchased by contacting her sculptor Maissa Said through her website here:
 Mimi by Maissa Said

Mimi is such a lovely little girl! She is the perfect size for snuggling and looks like such an angel when resting. So many people have been able to get their own Mimi, and she continues to be a very popular baby. 

Like Annelene, Mimi can be purchased by contacting her sculptor, Maissa Said, through her website here:

Mimi by Maissa Said

Contact Maissa to purchase

Maissa's Facebook

 Mia/Milo by Izzy Zhao

Mia, by Izzy Zhao, its a beautiful little girl with a serene sleeping face. She measures 20.5" in length and weighs 7lbs 8oz, just the size of a real newborn! She has an open mouth and tounge and is poured in soft blend silicone.


Mia/Milo can be purchased as either a boy or a girl through her sculptor: Baby Nook Art Dolls.


 Story by Izzy Zhao

No one captures realistic babies like Story's sculptor, Izzy Zhao. Izzy create such lifelike details on her babies and they have been loved by so many! Story was designed from the start to curl and snuggle, with hands that clasp together and legs that, like a real baby, cross together naturally.


Story can be purchased as either a boy or a girl through her sculptor: Baby Nook Art Dolls.



 Opal/Ollie by Dawn Donofrio

Opal, by Dawn Donofrio, is a lovely 20 inch baby that is available in both awake and asleep versions, and also has a boy counterpart (Ollie).



Opal can be purchased as either a boy or a girl through her sculptor, Dawn Donofrio. 

Opal Asleep

Opal Awake


 Danica by Dawn Donofrio

Worried, pouty, Danica is a portrait doll of my daughter when she was a baby. She makes a large, fun-to-dress 22-inch doll when completed. Danica comes with pre-made eye sockets and has an open mouth with a tongue and can take a pacifier. She is poured in EcoFlex 20 Platinum silicone in your choice of 3 skin tones. You can choose to dress this doll as a girl or a boy.



Danica can be purchased through her sculptor at



 Johnnie by Ina Volprich


Baby Jonnie is the perfect blend of realism and cute! She has a cute round tummy, incredibly detailed hands and feet, and a serene sleeping face. She is sized to a realistic newborn and feels just like one in your arms. 


Johnnie is available for purchase through Macphersons Crafts: Johnnie by Ina Volprich.



 Babe by Sherri Williams

Little Babe is SUCH a sweet little one! Its available as either a boy or a girl and measures 12 inches. 

Babe can be purchased by contacting Sherri Williams directly:


Contact Sherri Williams

 Jay and Jayne by Sherri Williams

This little one is available as a boy (Jay) or as a girl (Jayne). This little newborn is 17.5", just right for holding, and the most squishable cheeks! 

Jay and Jayne can be purchased through Sherri William's website: