Zoe by Cindy Dowling

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Quick Details

  • 10 inches / 25.4cm in length
  • 1lbs 2oz / 510g in weight
  • 14mm eyes

Baby Zoe is SUCH a cute silicone doll! She is a 10 inch baby, which makes her big enough to pose, snuggle and bond with, but also light and easy to manage. She has a cute, pinchable cheeks and a little tummy that just begs to be squished. Zoe's open eyes come with 14mm eyes included and her little mouth opens enough to hold a tiny binky or a miniature bottle. Sweet Zoe is absolutely adorable and will bring you joy for certain.

Note that this item is a blank, unpainted kit, which is intended to be painted and have the hair rooted in.

The accessories pictured are for display purposes only and are not included with this kit. You can find clothing to fit Zoe here. (Please note that most 10 inch baby hats will not fit Zoe's head.)

Please be aware also that our babies are made "pour on demand" which means that we begin the process of creating the doll once the order your order is completed. The process takes about 2-3 weeks, and it will take about that long before your order is shipped.

Examples of a completed Zoe doll

Zoe with brown eyes

Zoe with blue eyes

Zoe with a toy lamb

Zoe in a crib