Unstuffed Full-Body Cuddle Baby Body by Reggiesdolls with Open Hands

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This item is an unstuffed, unweighted cuddle body used to join a silicone head to create a beautiful, snuggly little baby that will feel so real in your arms! The body is triple stitched for durability and is ready for you to fill, weight, and finish as you prefer. This body includes a sewing kit with matching thread that will make finishing this baby simple. Additionally, this body has the hands left open to allow you to attach 1/4 hands to the body.

This style has OPEN hands, so you can attach a cuddle head and 1/4 hands -- perfect for the cuddle baby kits available here. These are super soft, floppy, posable, one piece torso and limb fabric bodies without plastic hardware.


  • Preemie neck to crouch 7”, arms and legs 6” and waist 12”
  • Newborn neck to crouch 8”, waist 15”, legs and arms 8”