SAM OSS Odorless Silicone Solvent

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This is an 8oz bottle of Silicone Art Materials OSS silicone solvent. SAM OSS is a clear liquid that works both as a solvent and thinner, which is an important part of any silicone painting set. This solvent evaporates 100% at room temperatures and is completely odorless. It comes in a easy to squeeze plastic bottle with a convenient flip-up dripper lid.

Use OSS the same as you would Novocs -- however it doesn't evaporate as quickly as Smooth-On's Novocs does, which makes it WONDERFUL for painting! OSS dries slightly slower than water.

While this solvent is flammable, it is NOT considered a shipping hazard and can safely ship worldwide. OSS Solvent does not contribute to ozone depletion or global warming. 

Painting Tip: Before painting your silicone, using a thin coat of OSS on the surface of your silicone as part of your painting prep will open up the pores of the silicone, which leads to a better paint bond. When used as a paint thinner, OSS evaporates into the air as well as soaking into the silicone, which helps draw silicone paint into the pores of the silicone doll for a more secure paint bond.