Jayla / Jayden by Elena Westbrook

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Quick Details

  • 9 inches / 23cm in length
  • 14oz / 397g in weight

Jayla / Jayden is a stunning realistic baby in miniature! The talented Elena Westbrook is an expert at sculpting absolute perfection! Jayla poses and curls up beautifully. And the detail in her tiny hands and feet are amazing! Jayla's mouth comes opened, so she is able to take a tiny pacifier or bottle. A boy version (Jayden) is also available. Jayla / Jayden is the sweetest little handful!

Note that this item is a blank, unpainted kit, which is intended to be painted and have the hair rooted in.

Clothing, accessories, and props are not included. You can find pacifiers to fit Jayla here. Custom outfits to fit Jayla coming soon!

Please be aware also that our babies are made "pour on demand" which means that we begin the process of creating the doll once the order your order is completed. The process takes about 2-3 weeks, and it will take about that long before your order is shipped.

Examples of a completed Jayla doll