Full-Body Cuddle Baby Body by Reggiesdolls

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This item is a cuddle body used to join a silicone head to create a beautiful, snuggly little baby that will feel so real in your arms! This body comes pre-stuffed and is also weighted for a balanced, cozy feeling when held. This body has been created with sewn, cuddle hands that will allow you to pose your baby in a variety of ways.

This style has smooth knees and elbows and armatures in the arms. Stitching in the front neck line and in the buttocks. These are super soft, floppy, posable, one piece torso and limb fabric bodies without plastic hardware. The weight is placed strategically in the hands and feet so it creates incredible possibilities for posing and is visually similar to a high end silicone doll or a positioner for real newborn photography.


  • 8” body neck to crouch just under 4” arms and legs also a tad under 4”
  • 11” body neck to crouch 4 1/2”, arms and legs 4” and waist 8”
  • 12" neck to crouch 5" arms and legs 5" waist 9"
  • 14" size neck to crouch 5 1/2", Arms 6", legs 6" , Waist 10"
  • Preemie neck to crouch 7”, arms and legs 6” and waist 12”
  • Large Preemie neck to crouch 8" arms and legs 6 1/2" Waist 12"
  • Newborn neck to crouch 8”, waist 15”, legs and arms 8”
  • 0-3 months size, neck to crouch 10”, waistline 17”, legs and arms 10”
  • 6 month size neck to crouch 11" arms and legs 10 1/2"