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Lil' Pearl by Yulia Shaver

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Quick Details

  • 5 inches / 12.7cm in length
  • 2oz / 57g in weight
  • 6mm eyes

Cute Lil' Pearl is one of our most unique miniature silicone dolls. Lil' Pearl is a 5 inch silicone doll. She is sculpted in an adorable prone position with her head upright and her little legs stretched out in a "tummy time" position. She has adorable open eyes set in a curious little face. All of the details of her clenched hands, splayed toes, tiny ears, and lovely mouth are perfectly captured in silicone. Lil' Pearls raised head will hold itself upright perfectly when cast in the firmer Eco20 silicone type. However, if she is made with our Super Soft Blend formulation, she will be set with a spine armature that will allow her to keep her head up. Lil' Pearl comes with the option for 6mm  eyes, however, you can choose to leave them off if you like.

Note that this item is a blank, unpainted kit, which is intended to be painted and have the hair rooted in. Pictures showing finished dolls are shown as examples of the finished baby only.

Outfits and accessories are not included. Due to her position, Lil Pearl cannot wear shirts/dresses. But you can find diapers to fit her here

Please be aware also that our babies are made "pour on demand" which means that we begin the process of creating the doll once the order your order is completed. The process takes about 2-3 weeks, and it will take about that long before your order is shipped.

Examples of a completed Lil' Pearl

Lil Pearl laying down

Lil' Pearl in hand