Holly / Molly by Shy Mrofka

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  • 5 inches / 13cm in length
  • 2 oz / 57g in weight

These tiny babies are so cute! Babies Holly and Molly, by Shy Mrofka, are lovely little twins that are adorable together or on their own. Molly is wide awake and curious about the world, while her sister, Holly, is conked out asleep without a care. They have been carefully sculpted with highly detailed ears and facial features, tummy, and bums. Their tiny fingers and toes are exquisitely detailed as well.  Little Molly comes with 6mm eyes

Note that these items are blank, unpainted kits, which are intended to be painted and have the hair rooted in.

Clothing, accessories, and props are not included. You can find clothing to fit Holly and Molly here

Please be aware also that our babies are made "pour on demand" which means that we begin the process of creating the doll once the order your order is completed. The process takes about 2-3 weeks, and it will take about that long before your order is shipped.

Below is a sample of how they could look painted.